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Lord's laundry detergent is a new generation that helps dispel any stubborn stains to help clean white clothes like new. World advanced production technology, with 05 super strong bleaching compounds combined with probiotics, is capable of cleaning all biochemical stains, ensuring safety for fabric fibers.

  • Ingredients: LAS, SLES, STPP, Polymers, whiteners, Flavors
  • Products for both hand washing and washing machines

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Lord washing water 

Products for smart consumers

You will not be a smart consumer if you never know Lord washing water. Use and experience, once you use it, you won't bother with ads.

Lord washing water  is a product of Vilaco joint stock company, the company has a reputation in producing products for international reputable brands such as P&G, Metro, Toyota Tshusho and outsourcing products that are being produced. Preferred consumption such as Dnee, Do Dan, Vico, Attack ... Currently Vilaco is processing nearly 50% market share of washing powder and laundry water for the whole Vietnamese market. Lord products meet international quality standards under GMP Cosmetic management system; ISO 9001: 2015; ISO 14001: 2004

Lord products are a combination of 5 super strong bleach compounds combined with probiotics that can wash away all biochemical stains, ensure safety for fabric fibers. Flavors are imported from the world's leading reputable suppliers to ensure stable product quality and harmoniously combine bleaching foaming agents, optical bleaching agents and surfactants. other way. Products in liquid form, completely soluble in water.

And here are 5 reasons that consumers can hardly ignore when using Lord washing water:

- Extremely dense, which helps users save more than other washing water

- Extremely clean white pole does not need much bruising

- Extreme aroma, finished washing hands still save fragrance until many hours later

- Very cheap, can be considered the cheapest on the market today.

- Extremely environmentally friendly

By meeting not only extremely good basic requirements of washing such as clean, fragrant, soft fabric. Lord washing water is also very cheap, you can hardly find anywhere. Using Lord is also the way you participate in protecting the environment. So what are you waiting for, please call  0888.812.239  for advice on products and use of efficient, cheap, safe and economical washing water.

+ Instructions for use:


          - Wet the clothes, add 40ml (1 cap) of washing water to 5 liters of water, stir to dissolve every 15-20 clothes.

          - With difficult to wash stains, wash the water directly into the stain, soak for 15 minutes then wash as usual.

          - Rinse clean water 2-3 times.

          - Squeeze dry, dry clothes after washing in a dry place.

          Machine wash:

          - Put clothes in the washing machine (separate colored clothes and white clothes).

          - For 20ml (1/2 cap) of washing water with 2Kg or 40ml (1 cap) of washing water with 4Kg of clothes.

          - Install the appropriate mode (soak clothes 15 minutes before washing).

          - Wash clothes after washing in a dry place.

+ Ingredients:  LAS, SLES, STPP, Polymers, whiteners, Flavors

+ Main quality criteria:  Content of PCBs / Active surfactence content:> 17%

+ Storage:  keep in a cool and dry place. Close the lid after use.

+ Note:  Do not drink, to keep out of reach of children.

+ Production standards:  TCCS 02: 2015 / VLC

+ Shelf life:  36 months from the date of manufacture

+  Recommended:  Lord washing water should be used in combination with Lord fabric softener

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