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LORD effective glass wiping   with fresh, luxurious fragrance not only helps you to clean the ball, transparently fast all kinds of glass, crystal, enamel, porcelain, ... LORD effective glass cleaner   also protects , limit scratches, deodorize fishy and resist dust repellent.

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Lord glass cleaner 500ml

Shiny secret for your family

Lord understands the thoughts of housewives.

Taking care of the family is not simple, it requires a lot of time and effort. Cleaning the house is a familiar job of women, which is a daily work. The surfaces made from glass such as water tables, glass doors, decorative cabinets, mirrors ... occupy a lot of your living room area. However, these materials also bring a small challenge to the women, because this material requires shiny, transparent after being cleaned. However, if not properly cleaned, especially just wipe with clean water, after cleaning, the glass is still covered by a layer of translucent screen and not create the desired shine. This takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, it is necessary to have a specialized product to help her housework become light. Understand the mind of the modern women today,Lord glass cleaner with luxurious fresh fragrance.

Lord glass cleaner with 500ml bottle.

Lord Glass Wipe Liquid 500ml is a convenient product that helps to brighten glass surfaces and other items. Concentrated formulas and advanced cleanser will help you clean the glass face with great effect. Lord glass cleanerproductsare suitable for all kinds of glass doors, mirrors, TV screens, car glass, chrome and stainless steel surfaces ...

Product information

  • Completely new formula with fast cleaning effect
  • Concentrated formula and advanced cleansing agent for extremely powerful glass cleaning effect when used, even those that are difficult to clean such as grease and plaque.
  • Stops the steam well and leaves no stains on the glass.
  • Maintain shine, help clean glass surfaces like new, and resist dust clogging.
  • Effective on all glass surfaces such as clear glass, frosted glass, mirrors and crystal, enamel and porcelain utensils.
  • Safe, non-toxic
  • The product does not contain harmful substances and is safe for users' health.
  • Fresh, luxurious fragrance brings a comfortable and comfortable feeling.

User manual

- Turn the nozzle head to the ON position.

- Spray directly onto the glass surface

- Use a dry cloth to wipe the entire surface to be cleaned

- Do not use with other solutions

- After using, turn the bottle knob to OFF


Keep out of reach of children, avoid contact with eyes and mouth.

Keep in a dry place, avoid high temperature and direct light, cover tightly after use.

Ingredients: Water, ethyl alcohol, sodium laureth sulfate, acrylic homopolymer, flavoring, coloring.

Production standards: TCCS 15: 2015 / VLC

HSD: 36 months

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