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Lord softener - Naturally extracted pink with improved formula makes clothes become softer to see and help the fibers do not tangle together, keeping the surface smooth and easy to see. Lord fabric softener with fragrance technology and pleasant fragrance will help your clothes smell all day.

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Lord fabric softener 

Soft - Fragrant 

For a long time, fabric softener has been known as savior with clothes in rainy or rainy days or wet winters, because clothes are long dry and unpleasant. Fabric softener helps clothes not only smell long but also soft fabric.

What is special about fabric softener Lord?

- The impact of the washing process and exposure to the sun will make the fabric become dry, Lord 1.8kg fabric softener will protect the fabric structure to soften the fabric naturally and create flavor. Long lasting fragrance on clothes.

- Not only that Lord 1.8kg fabric softener also has many new ingredients with many different uses such as:

  • Kill bacteria, with the ability to kill up to 99% of bacteria, do not allow them to develop conditions on the clothes of mother and baby
  • Seeds save fragrance longer
  • Lord 1.8kg fabric softener  with scent technology, help your clothes always fragrant throughout the day, to meet the needs of many different fragrance scents.
  • Lord fabric softener helps clothes always soft and easy to see

User manual

Machine wash:

  • Mix 1 Lord lather cap into the last water or soak in the rinse tank of the washing machine.
  • Use 01 cap for 10-20 pieces of clothes.

Hand washing:

  • Mix Lord softener on the last discharge. Use 1 cap for 10-20 pieces of clothing. Do not pour directly on clothes.
  • Soak clothes in drain water for 3-5 minutes.
  • Squeeze and dry.

Note :

- Do not pour directly on clothes.

- Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

- If falling into the eyes, rinse with water

- Preserving dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight.

Expiry date  : 36 months from production date

Winter is knocking on the door with pouring rain all day will make your family's clothes more moldy bacteria that make clothes smell bad. So or prepare your family for a bottle  of Lord 1.8kg fabric softener  now.

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